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Helping you build a Sound Legacy

Sound Legacy Wealth Advisors is an independent, privately-owned wealth management firm offering comprehensive financial planning, holistic asset management, and concierge private banking services to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, institutions, and corporations.

How We Built Sound Legacy

What We Do Is Driven By Our Understanding Of Our Clients

Sound Legacy Wealth Advisors is an independent, privately-owned wealth management firm offering comprehensive financial planning, holistic asset management, and concierge private banking services.

We understand that your family and financial situation is incredibly unique.  That’s why we highly customize everything we do with and for you to best fit your circumstances.  Our job is to query, investigate, discover all of those things that make up your family and financial dynamics.  We then work with you and your other advisors to create and execute a thoughtful and prudent wealth management plan.

At Sound Legacy, we also understand that your life, your family and your financial needs do not stand still.  As a result, your investment strategies, planning documents, etc. will likely warrant change over time.

In order to address those unique and changing needs, we continue to take a holistic approach for effective and comprehensive wealth management throughout your life. Through our team’s extensive experience in retirement and estate planning, portfolio management, private banking, credit and more, our goal is to take into account your entire life and concentrate on your evolving needs.

Holistic Wealth Management

  • Asset Protection
  • Business Transition Planning
  • College Planning
  • Concierge Banking Services
  • Credit Consulting
  • Divorce Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Impact Investing (ESG)
  • Investment Management
  • Lending Reviews
  • Liquidity Event Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Transfer Planning

Your Team

Joel S. Petersen
Managing Partner

Tera L. Probst
Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Christine A. Trostle
Partner, Senior Relationship Manager

Brendan M. Sullivan
Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Why Sound Legacy?

Over the many years of working with our clients, a common theme emerged.  Clients wanted to leave a mark…be remembered…make a difference…leave behind something solid for their family and their community…they wanted to leave a sound legacy.

We launched Sound Legacy Wealth Advisors to help our clients leave that mark…leave their sound legacy. 

The team at Sound Legacy is passionate about providing our clients with the means to make better financial decisions, grow their wealth, transfer that wealth in meaningful ways and fulfilling on their desires and aspirations.

As an independent wealth management firm, we work with business executives, entrepreneurs, multi-generational affluent families and often, the millionaire next door, to help them strategize, create and execute on thoughtful financial plans and prudent investment strategies.  Though we are not a bank, we take a private banking approach delivering highly personalized concierge service around all of your financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we launch Sound Legacy Wealth Advisors?

The launch of Sound Legacy was a natural progression in our commitment to providing our clients with transparent and trusted financial guidance, investment advice and concierge banking services.  As a Registered Investment Advisor ("RIA") with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), Sound Legacy is now completely independent of the burdens and pressures felt within publicly traded investment houses.  The Sound Legacy team strives to deliver advice and solutions sourced from not just one provider, but many.  We launched Sound Legacy to enable us to best serve you. 

What experience does Sound Legacy have to serve my family?

The Sound Legacy founding partners have over 75 years of holistic wealth management and private banking experience serving high net worth and ultra-high net worth families.  We have faced numerous, challenging market cycles, and have been by our clients’ side through them all. 

In our 75 years of working with our clients, we have not only faced many tumultuous markets, but we have also faced the many joys and tragic challenges our client families experience.  We have stood by those clients, hand-in-hand, at the best of times and the worst of times, whether that be financial or personal.  And we pride ourselves in working across multiple generations within a family, proactively assisting in educating, consulting and counseling wherever and whenever it is needed.

What capabilities does Sound Legacy have to serve my financial needs?

With our new firm, our capabilities have enhanced and expanded.

Advice - We deliver advice based on not just one internal source of research, but the broad array of research the full market has to offer. 

Investment Options – We are now able to offer a broader selection of investment options that can be closely tailored to each investor’s needs.

Tools – We utilize a modern and sophisticated platform that provides our staff and especially our clients with the latest and most powerful tools available.  Our clients have long asked for a single interface to see and monitor their full balance sheet…all their assets (stocks, bonds, private equity, real estate, business holdings, etc.) and their liabilities (commercial real estate loans, mortgages, business liabilities, etc.).  They have also asked for a safe and secure repository for the documents related to their estate and wealth transfer plans.  Sound Legacy has the capability to address all of these needs.

Access – In our concierge private banking service offering, Sound Legacy, though not a bank, acts as an independent representative working on behalf of you, our clients.  With the tools above, you will be able to see your assets across multiple institutions all in one unified interface, our “Your Legacy Portal”.  Additionally, with your approval, we will be able to provide cash movement capabilities across many if not all of the financial institutions you work with.

Analysis – The Sound Legacy team has greatly enhanced our ability to provide you with detailed wealth forecasting analysis.  You can now test investment return variables, risk quantification, liquidity event options, cash flow analysis, tax minimization, wealth transfer scenarios, philanthropic initiatives, etc.  We now have the ability to take into account virtually every scenario you might wish to pose.

If I choose Sound Legacy, how are my current investments and financial plan effected?

The Sound Legacy team will steward your investment strategies and financial wealth transfer plans with confidentiality, respect and diligence.  Your portfolio and plans will be reviewed in detail with you on a regular basis and as your situation changes, tax laws evolve or market factors dictate, we will work with you and your other advisors to affect the changes that are appropriate and necessary.  We will also make you aware of other investment opportunities, banking/lending options and financial planning strategies that might bring more benefit to you and your family.

How will you keep me informed about my portfolio?

With a low ratio of client relationships to staff, we will frequently and proactively reach out to you. You will receive regular communiques, ad hoc updates when the markets and world events warrant it, and as always, we will have regularly scheduled relationship and portfolio reviews based on your desires and availability, typically quarterly.  And with our concierge private banking services, we expect to be talking and working with you often, sometimes daily.

Will my assets be safe?

The assets we manage on your behalf will be held with Bank of New York Mellon Pershing, the oldest and largest bank custodian in the country.  We came to that conclusion after an exhaustive due diligence process focused on ensuring safety and security.  We chose them to protect your assets based on their impeccable reputation, storied history, attention to detail and dedicated team of professionals.

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