With decades of experience, we plan for life's big events so that you can enjoy the present while building a lasting legacy.


As an independent wealth management firm, we offer comprehensive financial planning, asset management, and concierge private banking services to business executives, entrepreneurs, and multi-generational affluent families. We specialize in working with those interested in leaving behind a meaningful legacy.

Personal Legacy Planning

Wealth for Generations.



"Retirement" means something different to everyone. We create customized retirement plans for each client, aligning your unique goals with your balance sheets as we guide you through one of life's biggest decisions.

Wealth Transfer and Legacy.

There are four places your money can go–your lifestyle, your family, charity, or taxes. We turn those four knobs in ways that meet your unique goals and help you leave your mark on future generations in meaningful ways.

Philathropic Strategies

For many, giving back to your community, locally or globally, is a major part of your financial life. Whatever causes you are passionate about, we help integrate your generosity into your overall wealth plan.


Whether it is for children or grandchildren, planning for college education is a high priority for many families. We build integrated, multi-generational strategies to save for higher education expenses.

Family Transitions

Whether a couple is entering into or dissolving a marital relationship, decisions around the wealth of both parties are critical. We work with you and your other advisors to ensure that long-term financial plans and proper documentation are in place when transitioning in or out of marriage.

Asset Protection
Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate plan. Unfortunately for many, it is written by the government. We work closely with you, your legal and tax advisors to create an estate plan that helps you care for family members, leave a legacy within the community, minimize taxes and have a lasting impact after you are gone.

Tax Planning

Possibly the biggest influencers of long-term wealth are income, capital gains, and estate taxes. We make every investment and estate planning decision with tax impact in mind. We strive to grow and preserve your wealth in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Insurance Reviews

Insurance can play an important role in a long-term financial plan. We work with insurance providers and legal advisors to review existing insurance policies for appropriateness and consider insurance a potential tool for thoughtful planning.

Investment advisory services

Accomplish Your Goals.


Personalized, Goals-Based Investment Management

Though market benchmarks are important, they are just one yardstick by which investment success is measured. We take a goals-based approach to investing on behalf of our clients. We focus on understanding your goals in order to provide plans and asset management to accomplish them.

ESG and Impact Investing

Environmental, social, and governance-focused investing is a priority for many clients. Investing for not only return but for impact, allows you to invest with purpose. While you grow and preserve your wealth, you are also having a positive influence on the world.

Bank and Brokerage Custody

Large, concentrated stock positions that are not actively managed often require custodial services. We work closely with BNY Mellon, the oldest and largest custodian in the U.S., to provide this capacity.


Exceed Your Expectations.

Household Financial Management
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  • Comprehensive, Custom Reporting
Private Banking Approach
  • Concierge Banking Services
  • Credit Facility Review, Consulting, and Advisory
Business Legacy Planning
  • Liquidity Event Preparation
  • Business Transition and Succession Planning