A deep commitment to our clients and community weave the fabric of our story.


It is our mission to enable you to stay focused on what matters most: driving purpose for yourself, your families, and your broader communities. We are passionate about providing you with professional and trusted counsel. We want to be your partner in making financial decisions, growing your wealth, and transferring that wealth in meaningful ways.


Our clients, business executives, entrepreneurs, and multi-generational affluent families, choose us to help them leave their mark. As an independent wealth management firm, we're here to help you strategize, create, and execute on thoughtful financial plans.


You retire once. We do it daily through our clients.


We use our combined 75 years of experience in retirement and estate planning, portfolio management, private banking, credit, and more to account for your entire life and concentrate on meeting your evolving needs. When your big moments arrive–buying a second home, a child marrying, selling a business, or retiring–you're confident and prepared to make the right decisions.


The advisor-client relationship is inherently close. Our role often requires facilitating difficult conversations across generations to discuss financial awareness and legacy planning. We go below the surface, digging deep into real questions that define your family's dynamic. The result is an authentic partnership, built on trust and understanding, and focused on balancing today's financial goals with achieving a sound legacy for tomorrow.

"The team at Sound Legacy is dedicated to having meaningful impact...in the community and in the lives of our clients."

- Joel Petersen


As longtime residents of the Puget Sound area, we launched Sound Legacy to demonstrate our commitment to good stewardship when developing client's legacies and underscore our dedication to the region. We strongly believe in increasing financial literacy in society today and work hard to ensure our clients feel empowered to make educated and responsible financial decisions.


Organizations We Serve

WWU's Center for
Innovation in Education

Junior Achievement

Mary's Place

Invest in Youth

Mentors in the finance
department at WWU

Rotary Club of Emerald City
Bellevue Arts Museum

Cornish College of the Arts

The organizations listed above are non-client relationships.