Tera L. Probst Partner, Chief Investment Officer

“The very best part of my job is knowing that I am helping clients make an impact within their families, their communities, and for future generations.”

As a career private banker and investment management professional, Tera brings the knowledge and experience of a time-tested market expert to the Sound Legacy team. Managing the portfolios of high net worth, ultra-high net worth and institutional clients for nearly twenty years and through multiple market cycles, Tera has earned an impressive and unmatched level of loyalty with her clients. She creates a highly caring, engaged and authentic connection to ensure the investment decisions made in client portfolios match their risk tolerance levels, their values and their unique situations.

During her 25+ years with Bank of America and prior to becoming a portfolio manager, she provided affluent clients with banking, lending, and insurance advice and services.

Tera attended Western Washington University’s College of Business and Economics.

She is a frequent volunteer for various non-profits and is very passionate about financial empowerment for women and youth.  Some of her favorite non-profits include Junior Achievement, Mary’s Place, and Invest in Youth. She also serves as an Advisory Board Member and mentor in the finance department at WWU. Tera is an avid traveler, having spent two years living abroad in Zaragoza, Spain, and needing a frequent international travel fix.  She also thrives on yoga, pilates, hiking, skiing and as a foodie, trying new restaurants and recipes.


Years Traveling

Spain, Italy, Portugal

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